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Is this the symptom of some sort of VoIP attack?

By coolm ·
I work for a medium business and we have Voip in place.
In the last week or so, a couple of our IP phones have displayed the following problem:

You can see a number is being dialed on the display, even though the handset is on hook and not being used.
While you are on a call, you can hear the dial tone, and the dialing of a number.
Also there are strange calls that come in and when you try to pick up the phone, there is no answer, and you just hear the dial tone as if you just picked up the phone to make a call.
Sometimes while the phone is in this 'trance' you can hear the phone make a beep noise.

Could it be possible that we are being attacked or hijacked?

I live in Australia and our provider is the second major telecommunications company, and we are using the IP phone "Nortel Networks, IP Phone 2002, Model NTDU91".
We have logged a service call with our provider, but as usual, they are being hopeless at providing any support.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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I Wish I could Help

by yobtaf In reply to Is this the symptom of so ...

I wish I could help you.

I'm in the US and I have been fighting to make the public
aware that there is a bill in the US congress that is more
or less dead due to the influence of the three major cable
owners. It would have made practices like this illegal.

I'm a big supporter of "net neutrality" just for reasons like
this. If it was illegal to tamper with services like VoIP, we
could rule that out.

I strongly recommend that your country, if it has not done
so already, legislate some sort of "net neutrality". I have
no doubt that your telecommunications company will fight

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How did u go ? coolm

by evoguy6 In reply to Is this the symptom of so ...

G'day mate,

hope ya got it resolved..
I just happened to get a Nortel NTDU91 IP Phone and I have no manuals or anything and am trying to hook it up at me home.

It would be great if you could give me some headsup in this regard.

Thanks heaps champ and good luck.


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