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Is today the start of the Big Dance or the Big Pain in the backside?

By TheProfessorDan ·
As some of you sports fan are all too aware of, today starts the NCAA Division I Men's BAsketball tournament, known by many as the Big Dance or March Madness. But I am curious to get everyone's perspective on how the tournament affects everyone from outside of the sports world. I have worked at a few places in my career and I find it interesting how companies handle this. I worked at one place that sent out a company wide email informing us all that we are not to click on any streaming video today for concern of slowing down the network. I have worked at some places that absolutely forbid any pools.

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No impact here

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Is today the start of the ...

I've not heard one word about the tournament here, either against streaming it or supporting anyone in it. Apparently I work in a basketball apathetic zone; fine by me.

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Geographic curiosity

by TheProfessorDan In reply to No impact here

Being that there are certain parts of the country that tend to follow certain sports, I am curious if the answers will vary depending on where people are from.

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by GSG In reply to Is today the start of the ...

Heck, our organization sponsored a pool for the NAIA tournament. You don't have to pay to get in, but the prize is something small like a cafeteria discount, gift certs to our coffee bar, etc...

The NCAA isn't even on our radar since the local teams didn't make it.

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That's cool

by TheProfessorDan In reply to NAIA

I wasn't aware that there was an NAIA tournament but that is cool that you all have a pool for it.

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Won't watch more than 2 games total at most

by jck In reply to Is today the start of the ...

I have no desire to watch the sport anymore. Idiots like Sprewell, Iverson, et. al., ruined the game for me.

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This is college basketball

by NickNielsen In reply to Won't watch more than 2 g ...

I won't watch the pros anymore, either.

Syracuse is in, I'm watching. Or at least paying attention. Even id they don't go all the way, I'll be too involved by then to let it drop until the championship game.

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Excellent point

by TheProfessorDan In reply to This is college basketbal ...

College basketball is leaps and bounds over the NBA. Unlike the NBA, all of the players on the court are actually playing and hustling. Last night during the UNI/UNLV game, there were times when 7 or 8 guys were diving after loose balls. That is unheard of in the NBA. A player is more concerned with making sure they are ready for their shoe commercial the next day than actually earning their ridiculous multi-million dollar salary.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Excellent point

"...all of the players on the court are actually playing and hustling."

Except the 'one and done' guys just serving their sentences before they're draft-eligible.

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Very true

by TheProfessorDan In reply to Huh?

But they make up a very small percentage of the players.

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by santeewelding In reply to Is today the start of the ...

Got taught in junior high over fifty years ago. Running all over the place. Getting out of breath. Saw no point in it.

Learned how to shoot a gun, instead.

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