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Is User Group Policy useful?

By kevin203 ·

Is there possible to deploy AD group policy to an organisation that more than 100 user using win98, win ME, win xp home and pro.

I try before to test on certain group but it doesnt work. Eg. I set all their individual machine browser to company home page. But when i open the browser and it still showing the homepage that the individual setting on their own machine.

Whats in my mind is to set limitation on their ind. machine from server AD group policy for example run application right after they login and desktop setting.


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No wonder

by runaldo In reply to Is User Group Policy usef ...

Group policy works with Win200 Pro, WinXP and partly with NT4.

So no 98,ME or Home editions will work. AD works with thousands of users.

Do you know what a domain is? Try this first and get your XP Pro machines added to it.

If you have win2003 server. Help is very very good to do these administrative tasks.

Good Luck

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I give up

by johnnywatt In reply to Is User Group Policy usef ...

Please, please, please. Buy this book:

Before you start rolling out GPO's, you MUST get up to speed on everything about Domains, AD, Domains, Etc. Learn and learn more. Then test! Then roll it out.

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Come on

by kevin203 In reply to I give up

Come on and pls understand that this forum is for discussion. Everyone joining here is just to get some knowledge bout something they are not so sure. If everyone get to buy that book then who will be posting on this forum.

We shared our knowledge here and not to tell others on buying this and that. If you highly recomend this book then i will consider at buying it but i cant afford it now.

Pls dun make this forum like what we dun expected to be. Sorry for being so rude to you but i only speak my mind.

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by yurki3 In reply to Come on

It just shows from your first mail that you need to increase your basic understanding about network infrastructure before anything else.

You just need to know something about AD's GPO's and DC's to get things work and that knowledge you need to get from studying, there is no shortcuts.

It's actually pretty annoying that people are actually working in IT industry without suitable level of education. Meanwhile i have spent years with studying and i have no job.

Even more annoying is that fact that there are plenty of people who got into business years ago, and have plenty of working experience and they despise others who have only education and certificates.

Technology has improved vastly in last years and if you think a guy who has worked let's say 10 on more years, my bet is that he knows very little about current systems because it takes too much effort to study while you are working at the same time.

Anyhow this guys think they are real guru's because they have work 'experience'.


Of course there IS those real guru's out there too, who have got flexible employers which let those dudes study more while they are getting paid whole time.. companys even pay their courses.

Lucky bastards!

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