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    Is VRAM still an issue

    by 07-reuses.rumba ·


    When Ampere launched, there were concerns about the 3070 having “only” 8GB of RAM and the 3080 having “only” 10. With the 3080 now having two 12GB models, and prices dropping precipitously, what is the going opinion on the RAM of the earlier models? Did those concerned turn out to be right or is it FUD spread to make you buy AMD or more expensive models?

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      Depends on the gamer. Their choice.

      by rproffitt ·

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      If you want to run your game on the new 8K monitor, I’d go for the RTX 3090 with 24GB of video memory. And later the 4000 series.

      But many have more modest needs so less is needed.

      Nobody makes you buy this stuff.

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      Reply To: Is VRAM still an issue

      by markanderson264 ·

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      Hello Everyone,

      There are different types of VRAM (video random access memory):

      1. Multibank DRAM (MDRAM).
      2. Rambus DRAM.
      3. Synchronous Graphics RAM (SGRAM).
      4. Window RAM (WRAM). While each has a unique way of transferring data from the CPU to the display.

      I have a 3070 and play at 1440p and it’s only been an issue in very specific cases.

      eg: CP2077 wasn’t great at launch with RT (would slow down with high textures after driving around a while), but it’s fixed now so it was probably a bug like a memory leak.

      Doom Eternal is one that’s brought up a lot, but you can turn down textures in that without any real impact on visuals because of the way the setting works and how it streams/loads textures. You should always set the textures in that game safely within your VRAM and let it manage them rather than pushing it out to system memory.

      That said, I think it’s right at the edge of where I think 8GB is acceptable. I think the 3070ti is really pushing it and anything faster should (imo) have at least 10GB and ideally more if you’re targeting 4k.

      Personally I prefer to run at high framerates, and will turn down settings to make sure I’m above 100fps where possible, so if a game has DLSS (FSR 2.0 in future), I’ll always turn it on. Other people who want everything turned on and will put up with 40-60fps might value VRAM a bit more.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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