is w2k compatible with 64 bit processing

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64 bit processing

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Does Windows 2000 have a

by The Scummy One In reply to is w2k compatible with 64 ...

64-bit version?
It can be made compatible, however, it does not have a 64-bit version. XP and Vista do, so if you want 64-bit Windows, those are the OS's to hunt down.

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by jszivos In reply to is w2k compatible with 64 ...

All versions of Windows 2000 are 32-bit. You need Windows 2003 or 2008 to fully utilize 64-bit architecture and applications.

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32 Bit and Drivers

by TheChas In reply to is w2k compatible with 64 ...

If your question is can you install and run Windows 2000 on a 64 bit motherboard, the answer is perhaps.

As stated, Windows 2000 is a 32 bit operating system. It will not run in a 64 bit mode, or run 64 bit applications.

As a 32 bit OS, it has the limits on how much RAM it can address and access.

The problem you will have in running Windows 2000 on a 64 bit motherboard is finding drivers for for the new hardware that are compatible with Windows 2000.

If you need to run Windows 2000, I recommend that you find an older technology motherboard that has full Windows 2000 compatibility.


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