Is Water Cooling worth getting

By jpatt51 ·
I've got a high Powered Gaming computer and money to spend. I've seen people with them is it really worth the money.

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RE: Is Water Cooling worth getting

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is Water Cooling worth ge ...

It's worth it if you are having overheating issues but other wise it can be more trouble that what it is worth.

With any decent Water Cooling System you need to cool the CPU/s and the Video Card so this means more than the 1 heat Transfer device inside the case. You at the very least need one for the CPU and one for the GPU. Naturally if you have more than 1 CPU you need one per CPU.
Then you need to make sure that the Water isn't getting hot enough to stop removing heat from the next Heat Exchanger in line so a Overly Hot CPU which heats the water sufficiently may not provide enough cooling for the GPU.

You also need to make sure that the connections are very secure on the Heat Exchangers so that there are no leaks and you need to use something other than straight Water in these devices. Water will eventually corrode the copper fittings and start leaks. It also will start to grow crap and junk in it which not only adversely affects the cooling but can block the water flow and cause the pump to burn out or worse still pop off a Cooling Line and pump the coolant into the inside of the case. You also need to have clear and easy access to the Radiator to refill as required and if you start needing to refill often you need to check for leaks.

Overall in a high powered rig it can be worthwhile but you need to understand the draw backs and very importantly do not skimp on the water cooling system to start off with. If you buy a decent one first up it will give you a long trouble free service but some of the cheap ones will be nothing but problems.

You'll also need a case that suits Water Cooling so most of the current generation Antec's will need to be on your shopping list as well as the colling system.

Zalman used to make a Fan less case where the actual case was the heat sink for all the internal devices. So you have heat Transfer devices running from the CPU/s, Power Supply and GPU to the side of the case and then the entire case acted as the heat transfer device. They worked very well in dusty conditions for servers that I used to build and where considerably quieter not to mention cheaper to run than the more conventional Fan Cases.


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Noise and Over Clocking...

by Kingbackwards In reply to Is Water Cooling worth ge ...

Water cooled, aside from the basic "wow" factor, will on average be much quieter at the same processing threshold and allows you to overclock without fan's sounding like they are about to take off. But it does come with added risks of leaks, and pump failures etc.

But if you just want a high end system, and don't plan on any over clocking or dealing with the extra challenges water cooling can entail. Then there are plenty of air cooled options that will keep you cool and do it quietly for a much cheaper and fewer headaches.

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Money to spend

by santeewelding In reply to Is Water Cooling worth ge ...

Outfit mine, first, and I'll report on my results for you.

Seems I'm having problems with my liquid nitrogen setup.

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by Kingbackwards In reply to Money to spend

Is the problem with acquiring the liquid nitrogen?

Because I know a guy...

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Well actually

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Solution...

The problem is that Santee is constantly sniffing the Liquid Nitrogen and not allowing any to cool his computer.

Constantly claims that it's good for you but after reading some of his posts I wonder. :^0


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by .Martin. In reply to Well actually

That does explain a lot...

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baby oil

by aa3rj In reply to Well actually

if it leaks it will not fry anything

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unless you are

by .Martin. In reply to Is Water Cooling worth ge ...

going to be overclocking the PC, or it is overheating with a regular cooling system, Water Cooling (or liquid cooling) is not really worth it, apart from the wow factor that is.

try looking at a high-end CPU cooler. You can find some pretty good quality one, and although they might be expensive for what they are, they require little to no maintenance, unlike a liquid cooling system.

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ya know, I heard someone tried liquid nitrogen

by CG IT In reply to unless you are

think it was on Tom's Hardware....

not sure the outcome....

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Actually, not many CPUs enjoy being cold ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Is Water Cooling worth ge ...

So unless you actually KNOW what your current operating temperatures are, no matter how much money you've got, you'll just be throwing it away.

I can provide a Postal Address if you wish.

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