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Is Win 2003 and AD the answer?

By mohamedshalal ·
Hello Tech team

My name is Moe and this my first time using the site. I browsed around for a bit and I liked the sit. The qeustion I have is I run a relativley big network about 180 users, they all remotely access A Citrix desktop through Citrix Metframe ppresentation client ( our server farm is in a differnet state) before accessing remote desktop users are found in a workgroup based network ( they don't have much use for this LAN remeber they have CITRIX) however I am having a lot of user administration issues, printer and file problems, each machine is basically very similar to standalones) for example I have users running XP and some running 2k and some that are still in 98. Some to them log in with a dministrative priveliges and creating their own accounts and profiles. Would deploing 2003 and AD resolve my problems? if so how do I incorporate that with my current network which consist of one MC (Main Cross Connect) with a PVC bakbone and 4 IC drops in each building. We are linked to a remote network via ATM PVC's (permenant virtual circuit)
there are not in house servers the network basically handles voice, teleconferncing, VPNS, remote access and citrix (NO applications, fil or print server housed in the facility?

Sorry for the gibrish but I need your assistance

Thank you

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by CG IT In reply to Is Win 2003 and AD the an ...

yes Active Directory would solve the user administrative privileges. In an Active Directory environment, user accounts would be domain users which do not have those privileges.

As far as how to go from a Citrix environment to an Active Directory environment, I suggest Microsoft's Help and Support site for knowledge based articles.

For WAN connectivity, need more info on what equipment you are using for you ATM. Cisco? 3Comm?

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by Winterfrost In reply to Is Win 2003 and AD the an ...

I think it would help to have a better idea of what kind of issues you are trying to solve.

AD would provide your users with a single login, and it could help lock down security and ease remote administration in some cases. Depending on what you're trying to accomplish, AD may assist with the administration of 2k and XP Pro PCs, though it isn't likely to help very much with 98 and XP Home PCs.

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by CG IT In reply to Is Win 2003 and AD the an ...

here is Citrix's metaframe presentation PR stuff intergrating with Windows Server 2003.

I'll say this, best to talk to your Citrix people on moving over to Windows 2003 AD environment and what impact that would have for your Citrix Metaframe Presentation server [Im assuming your using their terminal server for this].

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by bern4578 In reply to Is Win 2003 and AD the an ...

You can try it for 3 users on in our here in philippines i have 1 box of win 2003 deploying AD and File Server in same box then deploying some policy in my users to a purely user access only in public shared folder then they are limited in others so that you can restrict all your users try mix and match citrix properly to win 2003.

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