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    Is Windows 7 drivers working on Windows 8.1?

    by iftikharbq ·


    Hey there,
    I want to install Windows 8.1 on my laptop (with installed Linux) for my company work. So I found WIN7 and WIN10 drivers on official Dell site for my laptop model, there are also Intel Graphics driver. I searched for WIN8.1 drivers. But there are not some drivers, and Intel Graphics isn’t exist for Win8.1.
    After first installation Windows 8.1, I discovered all internet for Windows 8.1 driver for my laptop, but they doesn’t work, or Windows blocked them. But I didn’t try to download WIN7 or WIN10 driver for WIN8.1

    So, Windows 7 drivers (intel graphics) can work on Windows 8.1?

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      The answer to the topic question is not always yes or no.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Is Windows 7 drivers working on Windows 8.1?

      Sometimes you just have to try the W7 driver and see.

      But it appears you didn’t try. In short you must try.

      Better yet you need to supply FULL MAKE, MODEL and YEAR to give us the best shot at finding out if there are drivers for this machine.

      Frankly I can’t guess why you would not install Windows 10. I’ve read many reasons folk don’t but hey, if you want to work hard, install older versions!

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      Never forget….

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Is Windows 7 drivers working on Windows 8.1?

      Using an older version of Windows can/or will create device driver issues from time to time. Software developers don’t design products to be used with older OS versions, they only design those products to be compatible with current or upcoming OS updates. I see nothing but potential issues for the OP.

      Ehhh, to each their own.

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