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    Is Windows Live ID necessary?


    by cherubcalf ·

    Windows Live ID seems a bit intrusive. How do I change permissions in Windows 7 from “trusted installer” to Administrator to get rid of it; or should I just disable it in Services instead? I want some of the apps, but the internet connections could be vulnerable like the old Outlook; had enough crashes, thank you, MS. Accessing permissions isn’t as easy as XP & Vista, that’s for sure.

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      by cherubcalf ·

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      If you want to use parts of it

      by oh smeg ·

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      You get to experience the Full Disaster as you need to have the ID to use those Apps.

      Personally I find Windows Live as Useful as_Tits on a bull looks nice but useless for anything so I just don’t install it to begin with. 😉


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