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Is Windows7 just a repackaged Vista

By jdclyde ·
Ok, Windows7 is out, and I know many of you have dove head first to try it out.

Looking at system requirements, the only difference I see is the note about 128M minimum for your video card is not listed anymore.

Vista had gotten a bad name (I really don't care if it was earned or not, it happened) and it was shown people DID like it, if they didn't know it was Vista.

Did MS just repackage Vista, like going from win98 to winME, or is this really a new OS?

I am personally probably a year out from owning Win7, and will definately be skipping Vista altogether, either way.

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Just bought a new laptop

by Fregeus In reply to Is Windows7 just a repack ...

and it came with Win7 by default. I never tried Vista because of all the bad publicity it was getting. So far, Win7 is pretty darn good. I really like it.

If the bad publicity was warranted, then probably not. If it wasn't, then maybe. All I can tell you is that Win 7 works very well so far.


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by jdclyde In reply to Just bought a new laptop

Well, there were a lot of driver issues, so that is a big hit against "It just works".

The major hit on credibility was MS once again issuing minimum system requirements that are drastically understated. You would think they would have learned this lesson by now?

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by Fregeus In reply to Warranted
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Yes and No

by brewerj2000 In reply to LOL

I'd say the MS took the overall look and feel of Vista and reworked the bugs.
I bought vista when it first launched and got rid of it in 3 days. Mostly driver issues.

Since the roll-out of SP1 for Vista, it was reinstalled and ran very good for me. I have 6 laptops at home and all of them were running Vista w/ no issues.

Ive currently taken 3 of them over to W7. 1 on the 32 bit which runs great, and 2 over to the 64 bit. The 64 bit leaves some room to be desired, but I think the issue is more with the lack of 64bit drivers available. I see very little difference between the two OS's.

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We've been over that a 1000 times

by Oz_Media In reply to Warranted

PEOPLE were buying systems withotu researching their needs. The class action suit against MS was dismissed by teh courts as it held mo merits as was based on too many different complaints that were not substantiated.

It's not MS fault if manufacturer's were offering Vista Capable systems (which was CLEALY defined on their site)and expecting them to be Vista ready or run all the Aero tools that again MS clealy stated would NOT work on such hardware.

Instead of reading industry blogs from people with an agenda and no time or interest to actually investigate something, why don't people read the actual manufacturer's information before making such false claims? If people paid attention to MS's website before makign such purchases, they'd have been easily able to identify such underpowered machines and also recognize the difference between CAPABLE and READY.

CAPABLE merely meant that it woul run teh CORE OS, the MS website stated straight up that it wouldn't run things like Aeroglass and other user features but would mere;y enable them the added security of running Vista over XP.

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Windows 7

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Is Windows7 just a repack ...

I skipped vista all together. I just started using Windows 7 and I am loving it. Now provided I'm on all new hardware but I think Windows 7 is just a better operating system.

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But better than what?

by jdclyde In reply to Windows 7

Better than Win98? NT? XP? Why? What is it that makes Win7 better than anything?

Please note, this is NOT a bash, I am just trying to find out from people who have "been there, done that" on WHY/WHAT is better.

Of course, this does nothing to answer my original question of if it is just a marketing repackaging of Vista or not... ;\



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Better than

by Brenton Keegan In reply to But better than what?

It's better than XP.
I work faster when I am using Windows 7. Personally I think it utilizes hardware much more efficiently than XP. It is as advertised "snappy and responsive".

I like the interface better than XP.

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Neighbor up the road got a laptop with Vista installed

by jdclyde In reply to Windows 7

thing came with 512M ram.

The thing is a dog.

This is NOT a "capable" system as it came with Vista on it, not an upgrade to it.

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Vista on 512MB???

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Neighbor up the road got ...

While he was waiting in line, did they manicure his nails by inserting bamboo shoots underneath them, too??

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