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Is Xp really that much better...

By Tekprncess ·
Well I broke down... did a fresh formatted clean install of XP. Impressed?? I'm not really yet. Sure new bells & whistles.. but my HP 9700i Series Cd-writer won't work without a purchased CD of drivers. Ok so who else is on the "let's make them pay for everything" bandwagon? I think Microsoft has started a new nightmarish world. If they are pissed off about their lawsuits why are we paying the price? Haven't we been paying for OS's that can't & don't run correctly before release? I'm notsure anymore if I even believe that Bill Gates gives a damn about his customers. With all the fixes & srvpks, wouldn't it be ironic if we found out that he uses Linux!!

Just venting...

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by djent In reply to Is Xp really that much be ...

Better then what? If your interested in multi media it has some advantages, if on the otherhand you want a stable bugfree secure OS the answer is NO. MS has a long history of releasing buggy products, most savy users wont deploy a MS OS until SP2 isout. XP is not ready for prime time yet.

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If you dispise MS that much .. Why

by ArthurP In reply to Is Xp really that much be ...

Why gripe about an O/S that you have just purchased ?

Did you not complete your home work first, or study the HCL ?

Accepting there are more versions than just the Home & Professional, Which system did you purchase ?

The fact that the driver for you HP 9700i is not available is not down to MS, but the problem of HP.

So please explain why you need to gripe at MS again - or do you just wish to climb upon the freeloading I wanna gripe bandwagon, to gain a little sympathy for not reading the information that is available at your fingertips

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by James R Linn In reply to Is Xp really that much be ...

I had the same problem initially with my HP CDwriter -but then I went to HP's site and downloaded some new ones(for free) and voila it works fine.

I was on 98 SE before, and I am very happy with XP for added speed and improved stability. If I hadbeen on 2000, which I used at the office, I wouldn't have switched.

I've never been a big fan of MS, but I do think things have gotten better in the release of OSs.


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XP stable but overkill

by jklein In reply to Hmmm

I love the stability XP offers a great improvement over W98. What I dont like is the way the interface has been oversimplified for basic users so that you are mired in layers of options to do a simple task. For example the Find/Search utility was fast and straitforward in W95/98. Search in XP is miered in options and criteria and is now so damn slow. Getting rid of Windows Explorer from the desktop was mindblowing. Using My Computer ads several clicks to a simple task of managing files. It was the first thing I was looking for after logging on for the first time. It was the first shortcut I added to my desktop. Why does MS not want you to navigate windows your way?

I think MS has dummied up XP and left the experienced user out in the cold.

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If you prefer

by James R Linn In reply to XP stable but overkill

You can change the theme to the classic theme and use the old menus and tools like Windows Explorer.


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Xp is not overkill

by blackcat55 In reply to XP stable but overkill

I think you need to re think what you stated:
(I think MS has dummied up XP and left the experienced user out in the cold.) If you are an experienced user you would have changed to classic mode and found all the features you were used to. The dummied up part is an marketing tool,thats why XP looks like AOL when you first install it to make it user friendly, but the experienced user can customiuze it the way you (we) like. you get to use all features that way. XP by far is the smartest o/s out their and I have no trouble running it on my Dell 1.8g P4 or
my Athlon 1.4g. I run both of these 24/7 and surf or play Deusex 6-10 hrs a day without problems. My router cable/modem and networking were much easier to set up in XP than win 2000 pro which I swore by. Since using 98 I have learned to increase memory but XP really did not need it.

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The best MS OS ever done

by rcdoferreira In reply to Hmmm

I?ve been working around for several years with every version os Windows released bi Microsoft and one thing i can assure you. THIS IS THE BEST WINDOWS I?VE EVER WORKED WITH. Of course if you think that XP isn?t good just because it didn?t recognizeyour HP printer, then i should say that before installing any OS yous must study the HCL. On the other hand is you had to purchase a CD with the drivers for your HP printer why should Mr. Bill Gates be blamed for it. Blame the HP... Well i think youwill probably change your opinion as you really get to know the new fantastic XP.

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by jbeaule In reply to Is Xp really that much be ...

I don't know why everyone blames one single man (i.e. Bill Gates). If he were so wrong, why s he so successful? Then again, people that own a HP CDr device deserve no better. I myself have a Yamaha SCSI I bought when win95 was still new, I am notworking with WinXP/2000 and it is working fine, all I had to do is download the ASPI drivers and TADAA! So you better rant at HP if you ask me.

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Enron was successful too!

by 630111 In reply to Hmmm...

Bill Gates is not so successful because he knows how to build an OS better than anyone else. He is successful because he knows how to build a business. Unfortunately, his idea of building a business includes methods for edging out the competition. Microsoft makes the most money not because it's better than any Linux distribution, but because people are stuck with it.

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Come again

by Garion11 In reply to Enron was successful too!

What do you think it requires in building a business? Some sort of certification? He built a successfull business based on his software, his software didn't build him, if ya know what I mean. And what do you think business is all about big guy, it is about edging the competition, lol!. Oh yeah if you haven't heard it yet, you and all those millions of people that are "stuck" with Microsoft, go get a MAC or Unix machine, you still can you know...the power is all yours.

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