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Is your IT department centralized or distributed?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll question asks,

"Does your company have a centralized IT department or distributed IT with different technology groups reporting to different business units?

- Centralized
- Distributed"

How is your IT department organized and how well does the current structure work?

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to Is your IT department cen ...

We all work out of one location (all 5 of us).

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Currently Distributed but

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Is your IT department cen ...

moving towards Centralized (old job circa 5 months ago). Was 140 sites and 15 head offices that needed to be centralized. Left after I setup the centralized e-mail system. Directors were a nightmare.

New Job - Centralized. Green Field setup from scratch on my own!

Edit - Typo (it's 1.17 am here)

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by jdmercha In reply to Is your IT department cen ...

Pro - quicker response time
Con - some departments spend more on IT than others.

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the new buzzword: Federated

by xwarzbek In reply to Is your IT department cen ...

Our timecards flow up inot an IT fubctiobal organization, but daily tasks are assigned from the groups we support. A truly centralized model would be death to us - we'd be so copmletely out of touch of the customer. But our experience being part of the customer's organization means we've seen the painful duplication of effort and cross-pupose endeavors that we're o.k. with some of the centralization.
Budget-wise this is a slow death march though. Centralized IT means that costs are visible, and so an inviting target from people not doing the work. It also means that requests come in from departments that think we must be able to draw on the resources of the national treasury. It's a no-win; but that seems to be the nature of IT. If it looks like you can win, either things will change or you don't really understand the game.

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by Firedrake In reply to Is your IT department cen ...

Our IT Dept. supports all business units equally, no one individual dedicated to a particular dept. In addition, the majority of our IT Dept. is located in our Corporate offices, in a different state than I'm in. Those of us that support "remote" locations don't even have any Admin. rights. I can't (legally) change a NetWare pasword, grant rights to (or even see myself) a Restricted directory, or down a server. It's all done out of the Corporate offices.

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Centralize by process

by drfez In reply to Is your IT department cen ...

One of the problems when discussion of centralization occur is that it always polarizes into the control vs. service level discussion.

Centralization doesn't mean everything in one place, or even one business unit. It means no matter how the services are performed it is to a standard methodology. Proponents of all IT in a centralized IT organization cite control and cost effectiveness as the reasons for the everything in one pot theory. Proponets of distributed IT cite response to service requests and better understanding of the customer needs. Both groups are right.

Centralization should mean one senior management structure and a standardized set of IT processes. No two organizations are exactly the same but the function of IT is. If you are a small company one IT group makes perfect sense, if you are a huge global organization it may be more advantageous to have several CIO's all reporting to a corporate CTO with all IT organizations following standardized service, procurement and costing processes. If the company has a strong IT Asset Management team and program centralization through standardization and process becomes easier.

The problems and inefficiencies that arise in a distributed environment is from each IT organization doing their own thing more than being seperate from other business unit IT groups.

Dave Keith
Director of Government Relations and Research

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by Too Old For IT In reply to Is your IT department cen ...

Some 10,000+ users in a global 24/7 follow-the-sun organization.

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Distributed....for now

by cdanderson9170 In reply to Is your IT department cen ...

Ours is distributed, but there is a movement to centralize going on. It will be an uphill battle to get it done, but it is the right thing for our organization.

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