is ZDNet Broken?

By Who Am I Really ·
I tried to post on a news / blog and it posted at first but I needed to edit because of an error but can't edit

whenever I try to edit,
I make the edit and then save it
but it doesn't save,
it pops a message hi-lighted in red

"This message has been reported as spam"

but there's no way it could have been because
a> I tried to edit it less than 30 seconds after the original post
b> it's not spam
c> all the real spam posted there wasn't reported and all of it has been there for hours

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Are you sure you didn't accidentall y click the link?

by seanferd In reply to is ZDNet Broken?

Otherwise, I'd report the issue at ZDNet.

edit: Unless some of the idiots who post there marked your post as spam right off the bat - it seems to be going around, just from the one discussion I looked at. Maybe they thought you were someone posting under a different name, or maybe they hit the link on the wrong post, but they seem to just be marking people they don't like as spam.

People who post there have been at war with each other as far back as I can recall. And so many are morons. It's hard to sort out the good comments, so I almost never read or post comments there any more.

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thanks for the info . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Are you sure you didn't a ...

being able to mark your own post as spam?

- that says to me broken site!

not being able to edit your own post

- that says to me broken site

I rarely ever post there either,
but not because of any "mark as spam" war

I don't have any other account with which to post.
it shouldn't even allow editing of different user's posts

I reported it, we'll see what happens


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I didn't have any problems with ZNet

by CG IT In reply to thanks for the info . . .
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received reply . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to I didn't have any problem ...

they sent me a reply that says the site doesn't support editing a post?

here's a quote from the email reply:

"BNet and ZDNet does not allow a member to edit a comment once submitted."

I only have one thought about this

Then why is there an edit button?

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to received reply . . .

for the same reason the response contained 'does' instead of 'do'.

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Yeah - totally screwd up. Worse than TR ever was.

by seanferd In reply to received reply . . .

I know what happened, because I just tried it.

So, yeah, they removed the ability to edit posts for god-knows-what reason. (Along with buggering up the forum format in stupid ways.)

Yet, they haven't bothered to remove the Edit button, or the display of editable content. (This is the next degree of completely stupid.)

To top it off, if you go to Save your edit, you get the "This post has been reported as spam" message. No confirmation dialog. Three degrees of idiocy, just on this one thing.

I swear, if TR is going to do <i>anything</i> like this with their next round of "improvements", I'm outta here, and I suspect a lot of other long-time peers will be as well.

Way to go, See BS Interactive!

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Editing different user's posts?

by seanferd In reply to thanks for the info . . .

No. Not sure where you got that idea.

edit: (See? We can do that here.)
I'll leave it as-is, but you can ignore the content of this post as I have just found out how messed up ZDNet forums are.

Not being able to edit your own post? not after it is marked as spam, probably.

Not being able to mark your own post as spam? Why not? Why write extra code so that you don't accidentally do it?

If you had marked it as spam, though, you would have gotten the confirmation dialog box. So chances are you did not do it yourself, unless you accidentally hit the link, looked away from the screen, then accidentally hit Enter or managed to click on the Yes button.

Like I said, probably one of the jackass denizens of ZDNet's forums.

Check back later - they should remove the Mark. If they delete it as spam without looking, I'd complain to ZDNet.

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Conclusion, Yes ZDNet is now broken . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to is ZDNet Broken?

- with most posts now just spam ads posts
- the inability to edit a post despite the edit link still on the posts
- the new method of changing yer post is to make a new post and then report / flag your own post to be removed (wouldn't that create more work for the moderators? Duh!!!)

here's the entire contents of their reply:

re: can't edit posts

Dear ZDNet Member,

Please resubmit your comment with your corrections,
and once posted, go back to the original comment,
click on the "Report as Spam" link and request the comment be removed.
BNet and ZDNet does not allow a member to edit a comment once submitted.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

ZDNet Customer Support

um OK, I give up?!??

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