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    ISA 2004 Site Access


    by johnhiltz ·

    We are running ISA 2004 Standard on 2003 standard and the workstations are XP SP2.

    I have a rule that denies internet access to a user group with the exception of:

    After that rule there is an allow anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime rule.
    Then the last Default rule which is a deny everything.

    I have a shortcut placed on the users desktop to

    The users receive the ISA deny page. The real time monitor shows thier traffic as being blocked by the last default rule.

    If I try to use either of the other 2 exception sites, we receive the following:

    Network Access Message: The page cannot be displayed

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      by johnhiltz ·

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      by johnhiltz ·

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      1st – I placed a rule allowing everyone from anywhere access to Staples (urlset).

      2nd – Denied Internet access to group “No Internet”.
      Last – Allow everything.

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