ISA 2006 VS. WinRoute Firewall 6.3.

By DaveDXB ·
Ok, ive been using ISA 2006 for a while. Very nice. But too big and heavy comparing to Winroute firewall which is a total of about 28 mb only.

Anyways. I just went through Winroute Firwalls options. And it seems to have everything i need for my work office.

1. Block websites by key words
2. Block websites by URL
3. Manage blocking by single user or groups
4. And what i like most is the statistics where you can see what websites people view, it actually shows you the link e.g

With ISA, thing i didnt like most was when i viewed its reports, it showed me all the links in IP addresses. So i had to spend a long time doing a revers dns lookup on each to find out what that site was about? Is there something i dont know of here? Or is this typical of ISA 2006?

And finally id like to know your opinion on converting to winroute firewall. I want to start using that now instead of ISA, is it worth it? Any of you have any experieces with it of how good or bad it can be?

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by ashvinbarevadia In reply to ISA 2006 VS. WinRoute Fir ...

Ya i am agree i have tryed it with trial version and it's better then the ISA-2006

have you purchsed it?

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Not yet

by DaveDXB In reply to ya

Winroute does not support

-Aplication signature filtering (like ISA does) ?

So now if i want to keep port 80 open. Some P2P programs or so can connect throught it, and i wont be able to block it. Example, if i want to block MSN which uses many diferrent ports, I cant. But ISA can because you can block it by MSN application signatures which identifies the software. So then it blocks it using the identification of the software and not ports or URL's.

Can winrout do that? I dont know...i'll have to check it....but i think not

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ISA 2006 VS. WinRoute Firewall 6.3.

by sanjualways In reply to ISA 2006 VS. WinRoute Fir ...

HI Dave Can you please tell me how to block sites with spicfic words.

Waiting for your reply


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ISA 2006

by CG IT In reply to ISA 2006 VS. WinRoute Fir ...

really isn't for the small business office rather is an enterprise level proxy/firewall.

If your a small business,the ROI with ISA 2006 probably isn't going to be what you want considering the price of the software and the hardware to run it and the administrative effort to manage it.

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