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ISA blocks my port

By haimam ·
I am facing a problem with my network administrator, when i try to use any peer to peer download software like Kaza , ABC etc.. ... I can't... because he stopped port. please tell me any option to download. he use ISA with sharing environment.

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to ISA blocks my port

It's his network. If he won't allow peer to peer downloads, then you are probably out of luck. He probably has a good reason for denying you this access (like viruses and other bad things) This not a hacking site, so don't expect help from us to circumvent your network administrators legitimate policies.

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by CG IT In reply to ISA blocks my port

There is no way to circumvent ISA server on the perimeter network. Sorry but there isn't a hack, workaround for it. That's why its so good.

The Reason: It's a proxy. What does that mean? When you use your web browser to view a web site, your web browser is not actually making the request for a web page. ISA server is the one that makes the request from the web site. The web site then provides the page to ISA which in turn provides it to your web browser so you can view it.

Therefore, the admin has multiple was in which to allow or block Interent usage but users. He can create site and content rules in which to allow site and what types of content your allowed to view on the site such. Example: the Admin might allow you to go to a music site like MSN Music. but he can block the content the site can provide such as MP3 files, video files. You therefore can not play music or view videos because the content is not allowed. The admin can block the site completely by the http URL.

For further security, the Admin can block ports so that you might request MP3 files or video files but you can not see or hear them because the ports required are closed [see site and content rules above].

So, your out of luck.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to ISA blocks my port

Here is a quick overview of the ISA setup

ISA is a Server and disconnects any inside content from any outside content and it's the System Admins job to make the system secure for both security and legal issues depending on where it is you live. This feature of ISA has most likely been utilised to prevent the company/school or whatever from legal action being brought against them for illegal activity in downloading copyrighted material.

It's also possible to import nasties with this material and cripple the network so you have no network at all let alone any Internet Access.

The only way to get this unblocked and it's at best only a slight one is to approach the System Admin with a request for this to be unblocked though and decent System Admin worth their salt will refuse. If you want to access this material directly you can always use your personal computer over a dial up connection and get the download or whatever but if this is allowed I'll be betting that any possibility of accessing the network from that computer will be denied.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

If you simply Must Have this option you'll need to gain physical access to the ISA Server and then crack the Admins Password then alter the ISA settings.

Once you have successfully done this then return to your room pack your bags so you'll be ready to be expelled or have the police remove you for Computer Fraud when the changes get noticed and they will very quickly. It then depends on the school how they will react.

But there is one certainty they will not be happy and if there are any Legal issues that are brought against them they will counter sue you or your parents depending on your age for the original damages and the damage that their establishment has suffered. If it is a well known school those damages will be substantial and ongoing.

Now do you still want to know how to do this?

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