ISA Firewall Authentication with Netscreen Firewall

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I am implementing a VPN solution for a small company and just ran into a problem authenticating a user through RADIUS using NS5GT Firewall+VPN. Here is a brief overview of the current network layout. There are 4 Windows XP machines that belong to a Windows 2003 SBS domain. Exchange and Active Directory are configured properly and everything seems to run smoothly. All this is located behind a NetScreen firewall that also acts as a DHCP server.

I've configured Netscreen's policies (bidirectional) and xAuth to connect to RADIUS on the company's server. I installed IAS and added NetScreen as a client. Also I published IAS in Active directory (by right clicking on IAS (local) and selecting the option for integration with AD). To establish connection from a remote location I use NetScreen Remote VPN Client . I can connect and authenticate against RADIUS without any problems. It is when I try to enter a username and password during HTTP Firewall authentication to the client machine that it fails. I did an ipconfig /all and the VPN connection is present and the IP address is assigned to my machine via the tunnel.

Anyway, even though I established the connection to the subnet and the IP pool assigned me an IP address, I cannot access any of the network resources because it won't go through the Firewall Authentication.

I looked through this article, but still haven't found an answer to what's happening:

Can anyone advise on what I can do to resolve this issue?

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