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ISA Proxy Server E-mail problem

By syxguns ·
Hi Guys,
I am a newbie and although I am computer savvy, I still have much to learn. Please excuse my ignorance.

I put together a Proxy server with both internal and external cards. Thirteen computers are connected through the server and have absolutely no problem with sending and receiving e-mail through outlook except two of them. All computers are networked to the server the same way with identical network specifications. The networking is not the problem. I have enabled the firewall client on all the computers and installed the mspclnt on all of the computers. For some reason unknown to me two of the computers cannot use outlook.

One of the employee's working on a computer that is not configured correctly uses the Internet for a credit card program. She called customer service and they told her that they use a particular port. I ran that particular program on one of the computers working properly and it worked. Even if I set up a separate filter on the ISA allowing traffic to and from that port she can still not get the program to work.

I am hoping that someone here has encountered a similar problem and can help me. My brain has stopped functioning temporarily!!

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by BFilmFan In reply to ISA Proxy Server E-mail p ...

Are the users in the same security groups?

Is IPSEC being used anywhere?

Is the ISA rule being applied to a particular IP address, address block or allowed to all?

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by syxguns In reply to ISA Proxy Server E-mail p ...


When referring to security groups there are only two if I know what you mean. Like I originally said, "I am new to this!" The first group is the Administrator; the second is the standard user. The standard user does not have any privileges.

I am not sure what IPSEC is, so I must not be running it!!

The ISA is set to allow all with inbound and outbound ports assigned.

Maybe I'm in a little over my head! I did manage to get everything working except those computers.

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by CG IT In reply to ISA Proxy Server E-mail p ...

well ISA 2000 and ISA 2004 all have a security group "internet users" container to collect users that have been granted internet access. Users who are not members the the ISA internet users security group will be denied access to the internet.

Also, computers should have the ISA firewall client program installed.

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by syxguns In reply to ISA Proxy Server E-mail p ...

Everyone has Internet access through the server, unfortunately I am not there to check the ISA. Next time I am there I will install a VPN so that I can access the server anytime.

When you mentioned the ISA firewall client, are you talking about MSPCLNT (Microsoft Proxy Client)? If that is the client you are referring to it is installed on every machine. I had to install that to get MS Outlook to work for them.

My problem is just two computers. I have looked at all the settings and just can't figure out why Outlook is not working. Also on one particular web address those machines can't communicate. BUT...everyone else can.

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