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By pat_signer ·
I am running many sbs 2000 networks in different parts of the country with isa on them . I also am using a standalone isa server at the main office. I need to know if anybody know's how to get netmeeting to work on the servers that are running isa to a coumputer that is behind an isa server.

i can do the following.

1. i can connect to the main office(this is behind an isa server) from another computer that is not behind an isa server. (Yes i am using a gatekeeper)

2. i can connect from one of the computers that are behind sbs isa server to one of the computers that are behind the main office isa server.

3. i can connect from the sbs isa server to a client that is not behind a isa server.

So if you followed this mess of words. the only thing io can not get to work. Is netmeeting on the isa server, In Or out.

The reason i need to do this is. That i have programs that require me to be a the console and ts will not work.

thanks pat

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by CG IT In reply to ISA Server

have you looked at the Microsoft Help & Support article 289582?

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by CG IT In reply to

damn hit the wrong key! The correct article # is 289581 there is another article dealing with net meeing and isa server 288206 and both deal with H323 gatekeeper configuration

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by pat_signer In reply to

this has all been done, the only place i can not get netmeeting to work is on the servers . the clients behind the isa severs work great.

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by kmartin.home In reply to ISA Server

I've had nothing but nightmares with ISA.

I assume you have correctly configured Packet Filters for the NetMeeting ports on the ISA?

As a test make sure packet filtering is turned on (safest thing to do anyway) and setup a packet filter to allow all inbound and outbound traffic - NetMeeting should work. That'll prove that at least. You then need to turn that filter off (whatever you do, don't leave it on!) and work of a set of correctly configured filters.

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