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ISA Server 2004 and MSDE

By ksa54321 ·
When I try to install ISA server 2004 (on a Windows 2003 server), MSDE does not seem to install properly. The database will not connect. In service manager, everything is blank. I can fill in the server name, but no services will display. I had to manually start the SQLagent service, but I still can't get connected. If I try to re-install MSDE, it prompts me to use the SAPWD option, but I can't get that to run either. Any ideas?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to ISA Server 2004 and MSDE

This site should give you the answers in a better manner that I can type them in.


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by ksa54321 In reply to ISA Server 2004 and MSDE

I've already been to that site. It did not help.

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by CG IT In reply to ISA Server 2004 and MSDE

my question is what does MSDE [the desktop version of SQL server] have to do with installing ISA server 2004. ISA Server is Firewall/proxy server which can be installed as a stand alone Firewall/proxy server at the perimeter of a network or in a cluster of ISA Servers[for large Enterprises]that protect many nodes.

It doesn't need MSDE [desktop SQL] for installation.

So is your question a 2 part question? #1 How to install ISA Server 2004 and #2 why or what would cause MSDE not to install?

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by CG IT In reply to

note: advanced logging service in ISA Server 2004 does require MS SQL but unless your in a very large Enterprise environment with clusters, the advanced logging service isn't necessary for ISA Server 2004 to install, operate and generate reports.

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by CG IT In reply to

this is a link to ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition installation instructions on TechNet which outline the MSDE option. If you had MSDE previously installed then uninstalled on the computer your trying to install ISA Server 2004 on, there are some registry settings left over from the previous MSDE installation that must be deleted before you can reinstall the new MSDE. See the MSDE release A ReadMe file.

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by peter.levin In reply to ISA Server 2004 and MSDE

Most likely the problem is caused by a port conflict. SQL Server uses port 1433 by default, the same as MSDE. If MSDE starts up first, it will bind to 1433, preventing SQL Server from doing so. This will result in a non-bind for SQL Server. This can be a bit tricky to see, as the services on the local computer where SQL Server is installed work normally as they will use named pipes, in contrast to TCP/IP.
To work around this, assign another port to SQL Server, e.g. 2433. You do that by using the Enterprise tool, add the server (on the local machine) open properties and click Network configuration. Change TCP/IP to 2433. Then you have to use the Client configuration tool on the clients to se the port to 2433 and you are up an running. If you use ISA server, you have to make new SQL protocolls to match the newport number.
If you look in the Event log you will most likely see the complaint that SQL server can't bind to the port. A good idea is to configure the report tool of SBS to send you a report every day and closely look on any critical error or notice in the event log.

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