ISA Server ip range is entered in a wrong way.what happens?

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My friend has installed ISA Server 2004 and i helped him on phone.i couldn't see what he was doing.i asked him to enter the range of the network.and he entered to 254 with mask instead of entering to 255.
he says every thing works fine.but i have a question in my this way of giving address range we have omitted 0 and 255 that are subnet address(0) and broadcast address(255).why is the network working fine.or what flaw or problem does it cause??

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No problems at all, until you get client number 254...

by TobiF In reply to ISA Server ip range is en ...

I.e. if the addresses are used sequentially.
But, maybe the server is too smart to hand out a reserved address.

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by CG IT In reply to ISA Server ip range is en ...

is the valid subnet range for Class C private addressing. all 1s and all 0s are omitted because for the most part, subnet zero isn't allowed in a Windows envrionment where Windows does the routing. Cisco IOS allows subnet zero, but your talking about ISA and basically IPv4 Class C addressing for a Windows "proxy server"... ISA server. All ISA cares about is is the subnets that it must handle the WAN and LAN [multiple LANs in ISA].

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