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    ISA Server Problem


    by sayal4 ·

    I have installed ISA Server2000 on windows 2000 server , the internet is working fine on client machines but it is not working on the machine where i have installed ISA server.
    Please help in this regard.


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      by jepott ·

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      I seem to recall having this issue several years ago… if I remember correctly, you have to set some permissions correctly to allow the local machine to access the ISA server so that you can get on the internet. This issue drove me nuts for about a week and then I figured it out… unfortunately I no longer have that machine around and I don’t recall exactly what I did. Hopefully this points you in the right direction.

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      by jasonjmulligan ·

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      That is correct it is a permission issue but also check how your ip addressing is done as it may be an issue with that also. Try doing some simple traces etc from that server and check the arp table.

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      by matrixmakis786 ·

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      Dear Salay,

      Salam, now if u r running a dail-up connection to connect a internet then u recreate a dail-up entry in windows 2000. then check it.

      if u have a routing. then check a IE setting —> Internet Option —-> Connection —-> Lan Settng —> then enter a Proxy setting u have.


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      by swas786 ·

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      Hi Dear how ru ?
      i want to say that if u want to use net on ISA sever machine, go in access policy—–>IP packet filter——-> right click on it here u see a option that was enable IP packet Filter then disselect it & stop services restart services of isa server.
      Ok bye i think its useful to u take care.

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