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ISA Server Problems

By KingOfTheNerds ·
Hi All,

I am fed up, fed up with ISA Server. It seems to be simple, set a few filters to allow outbound and inbound access to smtp and pop ports.

I even followed a set of instructions from an ISA site, but it still doesn't work.

I have a windows 2000 server, with windows 98, 2000, XP and MAc OS 9 and 10 Clients. The firewall client that i have read about for ISA is not installed on any machine, because i have macs as well and it no use setting something up for just the PC's.

OK, so i setup these filters to allow outbound and inbound traffic to port 25 and 110. From the ISA server i used Outlook express and it works fine, but as soon as i go to a client machine behind the ISA server and use the exact same details it fails.

Obviously isa is blocking it even though i setup a filter to allow inbound and outbound access. I can acess the internet fine, and the only thing out of the ordinary i can see is our web traffic is setup to go out on port 8080 instead of 80.

I read somewhere to type netstat -na to see what ports you had open, but the only port was 192.168.1.ISA:8080 and a few ports in never never land 10000 and up.

Please help me, get me to perform some test so you can diagnose the problem. Something simple is probably not setup but i am beginning to think ISA is a piece of crap.


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by lyallaust In reply to ISA Server Problems

Have you checked the Local Address Table (LAT) under ISA management / Network Configuration?

I would suggest you look at the two level above the packet filters. Protocol Rules and Site and Content Filters.

Set a new rule under each to open them up fully for all users, then modify them down until the system stops working.

This can be quite tedious, so hopefully somebody will give you a more precise answer.

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by KingOfTheNerds In reply to

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by CG IT In reply to ISA Server Problems

outlook express shares the internet connection with internet explorer. Because ISA server is a proxy server running NAT, you need to install the firewall client program on client computers OR you need to configure client computers individually to use ISA server. To configure client computers individually, in Internet Explorer LAN settings, choose proxy server and enter the name of ISA server. then configure what ports to use for the protocols listed e.g. http, ftp, gopher, or socks. you can specify to use ISA server for all protocols [which is a good idea to do].

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by CG IT In reply to

note: emphasis here is that Outlook Express shares the internet connection properties with Internet Explorer so that you can connect with your mail service provider. configuration of outlook express to get and send mail from a mail service provider is done in outlook express itself by setting up accounts. open up outlook express, click on tools, then accounts. add mail accounts and set the properties required by the mail service provider you use.

If you are using Outlook [whatever version] please let us know as configuration for outlook is different than using outlook express

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by CG IT In reply to

I'll add this: opening ports 25 and 110 through ISA server is basically if you host your own mail service. if you have a POP3 box with your ISP, your ISP assumes you connect with them first using your internet connection, open your mail client such as outlook express while connected and get your mail. Like I said, Outlook Express shares the internet explorer connection properties for internet connectivity. Outlook on the other hand can be configured to use different mail services.

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by KingOfTheNerds In reply to

I can't FTP out either, its not just smtp or pop. I basically try and open ports but it doesn't work. Why can't i open other ports on my ISA server?

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by KingOfTheNerds In reply to ISA Server Problems

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