ISA Std 2006 Server Can't browse to my intranet site after install of ISA

By simoned ·
Dear All

I did have a stand alone sharepoint services 3.0 server hosting our company intranet. Last night I install ISA server and now I cannot access the intranet which is on the same machine?

I can do the following: Access all other internal websites, access all other external websites through the ISA server.

I have the Firewall client installed on my machine and have the Firewall Policy open to everything....

I am using CNAME 'Intranet' within the DNS servers.


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did you install ISA on the sharepoint server?

by CG IT In reply to ISA Std 2006 Server Can't ...

inquiring minds want to know

if you did how come

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Yes, Limited resources with company.

by simoned In reply to did you install ISA on th ...

We also plan to extend this as an extranet. I didn't see anything stating that we couldn't have these two functions on the same machine.

So.... Can we allow access to the intranet running on the same box?

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publish it

by CG IT In reply to Yes, Limited resources w ...

you have to publish the Sharepoint Services Site in ISA Server 2006.

look in the left pane under the Tasks tab

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Publish The SharePoint

by simoned In reply to publish it

This is something I tried without success. Reading through the Publishing help only describes how to publish externally, not internally. Is this something you have completed yourself?

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If you created a Sharepoint site

by CG IT In reply to Publish The SharePoint

that you only want users on the local LAN to be able to see, and you installed ISA server on the same machine the sharepoint site it on, and that machine is on the local LAN, meaning that all connections are on the local LAN [if you use 1 or 2 NICs doesn't matter] then you have to publish it in ISA for other local LAN users to be able to view it.

LAN users are external users if ISA is installed on the sharepoint server and connections to the sharepoint server are all LAN connections.

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sharepoint & ISA installed in 1 machine

by dolfo_n In reply to If you created a Sharepoi ...


I'm also having same problem. I'm tried so many setups and configurations to publish my sharepoint in ISA but still i can't browse sharepoint site. I even use self signed certificate, still didn't work out.

Pls. help.


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