Isass.exe - System Error

By drumro2 ·
Hi,I am having problem booting up my pc. Every time I start it,it kept giving me the following message....

Isass.exe - System Error

Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API

can someone please help me here.thank you.

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Isass.exe - System Error

Looks like you have ran out of space on the Hard Drive. 17% of the Physical Drive should be left empty to enable the Drive to be Defragmented and enough for Pagefile manipulation.

Download this and create your CD. Boot from the CD and remove some of your files to give the Drive a bit more space. Work through the Temp folders first, then delete any unnecessesary files.

When you get up and running again Backup and burn your Data to CD/DVD. Remove any unnecessesary Programs and files.

I don't think that you have an infection but here is a link anyway.

W32.Sasser Removal Tool

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Isass.exe - System Error

by drumro2 In reply to Try this

I put the ubcd on a cd and try to boot the pc from their but the pc is not recognising that it.It kept on as before with the issas.exe information.How or what else can do?

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You will have to look

by Jacky Howe In reply to Isass.exe - System Error

at your User Manual and find out how to enter the BIOS. Then you will need to make sure that the CD Rom is the first Bootable Device, Floppy Drive and then the Hard Drive. This should enable you to Boot from the CD. If you can't find out how to enter the BIOS just keep a key pressed and dont worry about the Beeps, it will give an error and if you look at the screen it will tell you what keys to press.

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by drumro2 In reply to You will have to look

hi,thank you for your response.I've been to the BIOS,booting from the CD was first,followed by the hard drive then floppy disk. Still the pc is not booting from the CD.I'll rearrange the booting like you said maybe there will be a different.

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WinXPSP2? How much RAM?

by robertjtownley In reply to Isass.exe - System Error

i wonder if you are installing fresh with WinXPSP2 and maybe have 128MB RAM (or maybe slightly less with VGA sharing)?

I received this exact error message, hit ok, and it would reboot and do the same thing continually. It was a fresh install of WinXPSP2 with some of the post SP2 patches onto a clean 60GB hard drive but with 128 MB RAM.

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Isass.exe - System Error

by drumro2 In reply to WinXPSP2? How much RAM?

Thank you for your response.I was not installing anything fresh.Been using it day in day out.The RAM is 512.

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