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ISCSI Admin Shares missing after reboot

By mkrom ·
2 out of 3 ISCSI drive adimistrative share get created after reboot. Drive E:
and F: get created Drive G: does not. I have already executed all the steps
in "File shares on iSCSI devices may not be re-created when you restart your
computer" and had them verify by the EMC AX100i support using Webex. EMC says
there is nothing wrong on the EMC AX100i SAN server side that it is a
Microsoft problem.

The G: administrative share will get created if after reboot I logon and
execute a "net stop server" and "net start server". I try to work around the
problem with a scheduled batch, but the batch executes before the server
service has started. I need a way to ensure that all SAN drive shares are
going to be there after a unattended reboot. Please Help

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by Mictlantecuttli In reply to ISCSI Admin Shares missin ...


iSCSI shares disappearing after rebooting are
caused by the fact that the Windows Server 2003
server service starts before the iSCSI Initiator
service. The server service needs the iSCSI
service to start file shares.

To fix this open a command prompt and type:

sc config LanManServer depend= MSiSCSI

and press Enter.

Then to make your iSCSI volume connections
persistent go to Start > Control Panel, and
double-click the iSCSI Initiator. Then on the
Initiator Settings tab click Bind Volumes and
click OK.

Scott Lowe recently published an article on this issue.
You can find it here:

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