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By msarro ·
Hey everyone. I'm working on a storage solution and to be honest its looking like iSCSI is the best way to implement it. I've only ever used fibre channel. How does iSCSI handle multiple hosts trying to access the same file? For instance we have a redundant server pair, and if the first server dies and doesn't close the connection cleanly, can the second immediately begin writing to the same file?

If a SAN (in this case an HP P2000 g3) has numerous controllers, does it use a single virtual IP as the host IP for the initiators?

I'm just unfamiliar with iSCSI, so hopefully these are simple questions.

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by Mike Barron In reply to iSCSI basics

File access between nodes would still be handled by the file system (NTFS, VMFS, etc) not iSCSI. When you map a LUN to a node it just sees that LUN as a local disk.

I have LUNs where multiple initiators are accessing them all the time and there no problems with access if one node goes down.

There are different setups depending on the vendor when it comes to IP address assignment. I?ve setup Netapp appliances with virtual NICs, whereas our Fujitsu appliance has a separate IP address for each controller port.

Not sure if this is the exact info you were looking for, but I hope it helps.

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