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iSCSI devlopment

By James Schroer ·
Where is iSCSI at? I've researched it about 2 years ago and it seemed like it was almost ready to go mainstream? I'm looking at implimenting something for our e-mail archiving and don't want to spend the money for a SAN and would like to use the storage for aditional things other that just e-mail archiving. Thoughts Comments?

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TechRepublic article on iSCSI

by Toni Bowers In reply to iSCSI devlopment

Here's an article that appeared last month that talks about iSCSI.

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apparantly ready-for-prime-time

by shiny_topadm In reply to iSCSI devlopment

Well, there are several companies making disk arrays and controllers using this technology; Promise Technologies, Overland Storage, EqualLogic, to name a few. IBM, Adaptec, and others are using the interface, so it seems to be here for you to implement if you have the budget for it! P.S. I work for none of these vendors but use many of their products.

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Exchange over iSCSI

by James Schroer In reply to apparantly ready-for-prim ...

I just talked to a guy that is running exchange over iSCSI. I guess it is ready for prime time. Isn't it cheaper than a SAN? Last time I looked it was because you didn't have to buy the SAN switch. Or is the price about the same?

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Yes and No

by Toucan In reply to Exchange over iSCSI

Up front implementation costs moving to any consolidated storage is costly. iSCSI is excellent for future scalbility in the enterprise, maybe not so in the smaller environments.

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