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ISDN "Failed to Connect" Video Conferencing Problem

By bonowski ·
Hey, I posted a thread earlier (

Anyway, that is fixed.

Note: these ISDN lines are used only for video conferencing.

I didn't have connectivity to the Inter-tel NT's in either of the 2 conference rooms we use (all of the lights were red). The problem was cabling/wire issues in the basement of the building. A Verizon tech came in, swapped cables, then I repatched cables in the server room (from ISDN panel to the video conferencing room panel) and the problem is fixed. The NT's in both rooms have all green lights.

The problem now is: When I try to do a test conference between the 2 rooms, I get a connection failure error. I get this when initiating the call from either conference room.

Is this a configuration problem, or a problem on Verizon's end? What are some troubleshooting steps I can take?

Just some info: When I call the ISDN numbers (6 of them), all but 2 are busy (busy signals are supposed to happen when calling from a normal phone, right?). However, 2 of the 6 lines ring once then go to a busy signal.

Thanks in advance!

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Check Spid numbers

by jkn1ck In reply to ISDN "Failed to Connect" ...

Check your set up Looks like you need to enter SPID numbers. Those should be on you ISDN lines at the demark (where they come into your facility) These should be entered into your software. Also make sure you do not move the cabling for the ISDN lines (make sure you don't switch them at the wall plug)

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ISDN Problem

by jastephen85 In reply to ISDN "Failed to Connect" ...

U Have to assign the Isdn No series for the machine and check out

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ISDN issues

by Stukuhl In reply to ISDN Problem

I have several questions regarding your issues.

1 what type of vc unit do you have
2 have your restarted your nt1
3 have you changed any of your settings other than your isdn spids?

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