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By joshipiyu ·
what r the common problems that occurs in isdn ans leased line connections?

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by cbobb In reply to isdn related

Some common problems with ISDN and leased lines you will find are Frame Errors OOF, Signaling coding from Switch to you are not the same ie: B8ZS or AMI, Framing ESF/SF etc. Tip and Ring pairs rolled. These are the places I would look first if encountering Circuit Status alarms.

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by educated_1_2 In reply to

I Still Don't Know. Hehehehe. From a telecom standpoint, cbobb is correct. But, after the ISDN is up and rolling, you should not encounter any of the aforementioned problems. The copper errors and signaling function errors will prevent you from operating at all or at least at full capacity. The only problem after turn-up that I have ran into was UPS for power backup during power outage. Other than telecom errors that was not preventable by the sub.
The real question, with so many other data options, why go with the older ISDN 2b_d?

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check how you are being billed also

by sgt_shultz In reply to isdn related

it has been awhile since i touched isdn but back in the day you had to watch out for automatic redials after dropped connection as it was possible that you would be overcharged if billing were set up to charge per connection. if this were me i'd call my phone company and see if i could pick the brain of their isdn people...

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