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Isnt it incredible!Microsoft makes it difficult to get a legal product key

I came across an entire client department with invalid Windows XP product keys.. Funnily, enough the department IT guys didnt realize that they had pirated Windows XP software.

Once we procured the actual Microsoft XP product keys, I had to explain to them that changing the Microsoft XP product keys on the desktops was an elaborate exercise..and I had another IT department head screaming about the dumb guys who would make it difficult to install legal software.

He even asked me whose side Microsoft was on..?

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a no-brainer there

by dawgit In reply to Isnt it incredible!Micros ...

Re: "He even asked me whose side Microsoft was on..?" As to that one can only say: 'MicroSoft is only on MicroSofts side'. Sounds like a typical day in computer land. What the Dept. Head should have sreaming about is how it happened it the first place. That action cost your company money, and could have put it in extream risk. (and I'd be willing to say it was to save money that the bogus stuff had been used)

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Isnt it incredible!Micros ...


A bit obvious that isn't it ?

Note that's their's as in their's not their's as in their's just to be clear.

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