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Isn't messenger service needed for Wins?

By mpg1 ·
I have a customer site who's admin turned off the messenger service on the PDC to stop the pop up notices from completed print jobs. Even though I showed him how to properly stop print notifications from being sent, he refuses to enable his messenger service. Netbios uses to that to communicate with other computers, so wouldn't his Wins clients be having difficulty resolving querries without the messenger service running on the Wins server? I can't find a short statement in any manual that would be proof to my customer. If I'm wrong, is there any reason not to turn off the messenger on a PDC?

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Isn't messenger service needed for Wins?

by curlergirl In reply to Isn't messenger service n ...

Although the messenger service is registered in WINS, I don't see any reason that not having it running would affect name resolution. The key service registrations for name resolution, as far as I know, are the workstation, server and, for the PDC,the domain master browser. The only thing that would be affected is that the system would not be able to receive any kind of system messages, be they from printers or from other sources (i.e., other service messages, such as replication errors, etc.). This might cause you to miss something important, depending on the size and complexity of the LAN. Hope this helps!

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Isn't messenger service needed for Wins?

by ITAdmin-Dquick In reply to Isn't messenger service n ...

Turning the messaging like the other use stated will not affect WINS. Anyway, all pertinent information will be logged in Event Viewer, which you should already check on a regular basis as most errors occur while the system is logged out. Hope this answers your question.

Also, disabling any unneeded services is a good idea too as it lowers the risk of cracking your system via various different ways.

Lastly, you meant that you showed him how to disable the printer notifications via theregistry editory.

Hope this helps

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Isn't messenger service needed for Wins?

by gperrie In reply to Isn't messenger service n ...


Disabling the messenger service doesn't affect WINS.

You can prove you can still send NetBios without the messenger by doing a 'net send' from the PDC to another box with the messenger service enabled. When you see the pop up box you've proved NetBios still works.

In another answer above it mentions disabling print notification using registry editing. Why? You can turn off notifications in the setup for the printer.


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Isn't messenger service needed for Wins?

by NetTek In reply to Isn't messenger service n ...

The Messenger Service enables a machine to send a message via either a local broadcast (all machines on the subnet) or a direct datagram (1 machine). Messages are sent either by the system itself, or manually via NET SEND. It finds its destination by using either the <00> or <03> NetBIOS name entries.

Machines find NetBIOS names in the following order:
1. Checks to see it the name is its own (i.e., a print notification pops up on your own machine after you print to LPT1)
2. Checks its local cache
4. Broadcast

The only relationship that WINS has with the messenger service is that the messenger service may use WINS to find a destination. WINS itself does not need the messenger service.

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Isn't messenger service needed for Wins?

by mpg1 In reply to Isn't messenger service n ...

With the messenger service not running on a box with wins, the <03> entry is not being registered. Event logs show error 3096 cannot locate netlogon domain controller. Technet article Q2**196 says Wins started too late for messenger to register, so restart the service. But this guy wants the service off permanently. Wins was not replicating properly, and I couldn't remember what actually carries the Wins queries and DHCP discoveries across the WAN. I've since reenabled the messenger service andmanually triggered replication. All seems ok, and replication has continued throughout the night. P.S..I would never edit the registry to turn off print notifications when it's a simple checkbox on the print server advanced tab.

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