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    ISO 14001 Certification


    by shahrabanabdullah996 ·

    It is been understood that companies need ISO 14001 Certification and the certification is related to environment protection. I want to know what is ISO 14001 Certification all about and how it is related to environmental management system?

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      Re: certification

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to ISO 14001 Certification tells a lot about the subject. tells even more.

      Local laws and regulations determine when it’s needed.
      If not needed, however, it might be good for the PR of your company. After all, who doesn’t want to buy bread from a bakery that has a certificate that it protects the environment.

      If you are interested to get such a certificate for your company, contact a local consultant.

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      ISO 14001 Certification

      by Julie Kelly ·

      In reply to ISO 14001 Certification

      Hi, Shahraban
      ISO 14001 Certification is an internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems. It provides a framework for companies to establish, implement, maintain, and improve their environmental performance.
      The certification demonstrates a company’s commitment to environmental protection by effectively managing its environmental impacts, reducing pollution, and promoting sustainability.
      It helps organizations identify and comply with applicable environmental regulations, set environmental objectives, and continually improve their environmental performance.

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