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I have 15 users on a Dell swa and a router. With config all users have access to the net. I also have them sharing a wn2k server for applications. How can I isolate some of the users from not accessing the network and allowing others to access the net? Without adding another router?

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by CG IT In reply to Isolate...

VLAN on a manged switch.

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by CG IT In reply to Isolate...

you could make 2 workgroups. Put some in one, some in the other.

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you can have 2 workgroups [each with different names like Sales or HR or whatever] both on the same subnet and the workgroup acts as a barrier. Shares would only be accessible by the computers within the workgroup [following the basic setup requirements for workgroup sharing of resources].

Because both are on the same subnet, you don't need to change your TCP/IP settings. However, you do have to do some reconfiguring of your server because it can only be a part of 1 workgroup. You'll have to allow computers [and users] that are not part of the server workgroup access to the server from the network. [local security policy user rights assignments security setting]

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Excellent CG IT THx.....!

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by LotsoPoppa In reply to Isolate...

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