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    ISP Capacity


    by lberthiaume ·

    How do we evaluate the capacity of the bandwidth required for a wireless ISP.

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      by oldefar ·

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      I read this as an issue where Hawk.Net is looking to become a wireless ISP, and wants to know how much bandwidth it should have between its access hub and the Internet.

      What I think you want is some predetermined formula of nUsers * x = bw where x is a bandwidth per user number. The idea being that you are remote to the Tier 1 ISP and need an access line between your hub and them.

      Start small. Assume each user is moving off dial-up, so assign 64 Kbps per user. Assume a percentage of active users peak. Active users times 64 Kbps defines your bw required. Promise better performance than dial-up.

      Start large. Take the max performance of the wirelss net and match its bandwidth. Promise no additional constraint from your service.

      In both cases, the issue is business issue. If you have a target price per user and number of users with a growth projection, your build has a constraint based on revenue. How much bandwidth can you afford? In leasing bandwidth, you have some additional cost to consider. Buying T1 increments has a hardware cost, as does T3. Look at your break even on these costs and start where you expect to end up.

      Applications have an impact. If you have a specific user base versus a generic one, you can analyze their needs and adjust downward.

      Providing a POP3 and SMTP service at the hub, and caching high hit Web sites, will reduce your bandwidth needs while improving performance. Again, cost is a driver.

      Best solution – you may want to bring in a consultant to analyze your business case and market plan and provide a recommendation based on these. All of this can be modeled, but it does not come via free advice. 😮

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