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ISP (High Speed) Reimbursement

By mike ·
I have been recently put in charge of researching how companies handle ISP (high speed) Reimbursement for our company.

For us users who provide 24/7 support we rely on our internet connection to accomplish many tasks without driving into the office in the middle of the night or worse, the middle of our weekend. However at the same time we would have the service irregardless (something management made sure they let us know).

I have ran into a huge road block and have not found 1 article or discussion about common policies or recommendation anywhere on the net.

I was wondering if some people could provide me with what their company provides or what you think about it?

Thanks in advanced!
~ Mike

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We get paid for our time...

by Jessie In reply to ISP (High Speed) Reimburs ...

Home internet access is kind of like a travel expense... unless you live next door to your office, it probably costs you less to tunnel into the network, than it does for you to drive to work, and the tunnel really is provided to you as a convenience by the company, they don't HAVE to do that. They're already saving you a lot of frustration by not requiring you to drive into work for every little thing.

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by mike In reply to We get paid for our time. ...

Thanks Jessica for your info!

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Anybody else?

by mike In reply to ISP (High Speed) Reimburs ...

can anybody else help out here?? Just a quick response would be awesome!!


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If it is ONLY used for work, then they should pay. Otherwise

by mrafrohead In reply to ISP (High Speed) Reimburs ...

If you only use the connection for work, then I would expect them to foot the bill.... Otherwise, you foot the bill for your internet and just be happy they allow you to remote in.

On the flipside though, you could try to convince them to pay by telling them the ol' a happy employee is a productive employee and they can consider it a fringe benefit to their beloved employees... ;p

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If you're in the States....

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to If it is ONLY used for wo ...

You can always put this on a 2106 (I think that is the form number...I don't have my taxes handy, so I can't say for sure....but you get the gist) as an unreimbursed employee expense.

The downsides are if you don't itemize already, this is of zero value, and you can only claim the portion of the cost that is for business use (if you do get audited, you will need to demonstrate how you determined business vs. personal use....simple logs would suffice).

If you are not in the U.S., this obviously isn't an option....but perhaps there is something similar in your local tax code.

Good luck.

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