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ISP server sharing/IP question

By gralfus ·
Well, not really an ISP, but a hosting provider. I have a site that is on a shared server run by a website hosting company. The other day I noticed that whenever I opened an SSH link to my site, or opened a POP3 connection, it opened up a connection to a site in from UK. I did a bit of testing and noticed that if I ping my site and view the IP, it is the same IP as the site from the UK. Both resolve to a ---.---.---.1 address, which is typically a gateway.

Since I see the connection resolve to this other site, is that a security concern? My provider says it is not because many sites are hosted on that server, but I want to verify that I'm not being brushed off.

And a followup: Is it legal for a UK site to be hosted on an American server? That would mean that a site could claim to be in Russia or other and really be in the USA. Correct?

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Chances are...

Your hosting provider may be using a cluster (a bunch of web servers that all have the same content on them), to serve your site's content as well as the content of their other clients.

Usually these clusters are tied to a load balancer of some kind, which provides a single IP address to the Internet for your site plus the sites of their other clients. The load balancer takes the request and forwards it on to an available node in the cluster, based on load algorithms and sometimes geographic proximity to the requesting IP address. The cluster node then decides which client's content to serve based on the request URL.

As far as I know...legally sites can be hosted anywhere. We host sites used around the world on our American servers.

What's interesting is that the UK site is responding to SSH and POP3 "links". This could be due to a misconfiguration in the load balancer/firewall. Or the UK client may have requested access to SSH and POP3 for device management and email.

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