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Good Morning or Good Afternoon to your Tech guys - quick question please.
We are trying to set as an ISP to provide our clients (10 companies) within a small location with internet access. I have contacted a Telco company who provide us the service (Bandwidth) - we aim to buy DS3(45MB).

They have asked me of how many IP addressess do I require? And I am not sure what to say to them? Any ideas of volume of IP needed?

Please any help or pointer will do. Thanks

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by TheChas In reply to ISP SET UP

The minimum number of IP address you will need / want is 11.
1 for each client company and 1 for yourself.

Personally, I would start with 25. That way, you have room to expand and can provide more than 1 IP to any client that needs additional addresses.

If any of your clients have multiple locations, or will use more than 1 feed from you, they will need multiple IP addresses.

Basically, for each independent connection you make to the DS3 line, you need an IP address.


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by mickeous In reply to Minimum

Thanks go out Chas for help. Initially, I requested for /24 to be on the safe side.
Currently, I have the ff devices to setup in my Datacenter.
1 ASA 5510 running IOS ver 7.2 - for checking traffic coming in (In-bound)
1 3825 Data Centre Equipment
1 3750-12-S-E for Edge traffic analysis
1 2960 to be installed on client premises
So Diagram as follows -
ASA5510==>c3825==>c3750== - in all in DC .
These will have a Fibre Optic cable connected directly to the client site and will be terminated on CISCO 2960G.

How do I configure the client site IP given the address from the TELCO COMPANY.

Please help.

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