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ISP's load coil removal?

By mcmahonjohn ·
I read that in order for a line to be converted to high-speed digital use the ISP has to remove the load coil from the line. How can I find out if it was removed from my line when I switch to DSL. I think this was the problem when I had DSL with BellSouth. Can you help me please. Thank you!

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ISP's load coil removal?

by McKayTech In reply to ISP's load coil removal?

It's actually not the ISP that has to remove the load coil - it's your local telephone company. A load coil is a device placed on a telephone circuit to improve voice quality, particularly when the line terminates more than 18,000 feet from the Central Office.

It's probably not just co-incidence that most load coil problems seem to crop up when your DSL provider is not also your local telco. I have often had the local telco take the position that they are only obligated to provide voice-quality and they will do little to nothing to condition their lines so another company can use them for DSL (or even 56k v.90 modem connections, for that matter). But they will do whatever it takes to make the line work for their own brand of DSL. Go figure...

The bottom line is that removal of the load coils can only be accomplished through your DSL provider working with the local telco.


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