ISP's speed test claims I'm getting 50mbps; internet seems MUCH slower. ?

By joe.abbott94 ·
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Hello tech republic!
I am paying for 50 MBPS download speed currently to Cincinnati Bell. They use their own speed test ( to verify my internet speeds. While their website does show that I am getting ~50 down consistently; other websites I've used (mainly show that I am getting around ~15 MBPS down.

I have a computer that I connect directly into the modem when running these tests. Should there be this much variance between their speed test service and a third party one? I've had two technicians come out and claim that the internet and wiring is "all good", and I have a third technician coming tomorrow. I was wondering if this is normal for there to be such a difference in speeds; because I feel like I am not getting what I am paying for.

** The upload speeds on both the ISP's speed test website and the third party website match exactly (~9.6 MBPS upload), no variance in upload; only download.

Any feedback is appreciated and thanks for taking your time to read this!

- Joe A

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