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ISP's to charge for P2P IP Traffic

By BMN ·
In a recent report by P-Cube (a traffic analysis and management platform developer) 50-70 % of traffic across ISP networks is peer to peer traffic.

ISP's are struggling to either find a way to profit from this traffic or eliminate it.

Proposed solutions are to cap upstream bandwidth and/or bill for P2P traffic where it can be detected.

i.e.. basic ADSL access with upstream cap and uncapped premium services specialized for gamers, file sharing etc.

Just when you though ISP's where starting to get the point, they find another way to put the screws to their clients. I can see a day where asking a potential ISP for upstream price rates will be an unfortunate reality.

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Business Model

by TheChas In reply to ISP's to charge for P2P I ...

The problem here is the ISP business model is NOT planned around file sharing across the network.

The more p2p traffic through an ISP, the more equipment and bandwidth they need to have to provide the desired level of service to all customers.

The flat rate monthly access fees are based on an estimate of how the network will be used.

If a few users are responsible for increased costs to the ISP. Would you rather the ISP raise everyones rates?
Or, should they find a way to charge the high data volume users for their excess usage?


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Pay per packet?

by BMN In reply to Business Model

Thats what you are really suggesting. That will never happen, you pay for the pipe, the pipe should be what you pay for regardless of how much of that pipe you use or don't use. And regardless of how you use it.

This is especially true of the momentum in IP telephony. If we all start paying for packets then we open the IP networks to new billing systems, regulation and tarrifs. Not a future I want to see.

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