ISQLW batch command (SQL Query Analyzer)

By netwrk_admn ·
I have a batch command I want to use every week to automatically send the results to different employees in my company. I tested the batch command and it works perfectly on my XP machine, they can select the body and paste it into Excel with all the right headers and columns.

When I move the exact same batch file to a Windows 2000 server, the formatting is lost and contains '--------------------------------' spacers between my headers and data.

I have tried using all the advertised flags provided by MS and even switched the output flags from Unicode to ANSI on both machines but they both are not affected.

my command is :
isqlw -S <server> -d <db> -U <uid> -P pw -i <inputfile>.sql -o <output file>

My main question is: Where should I begin troubleshooting now? I have even switched to using OSQL and all it's functions. Both SQL QA versions are 8.00.194 btw.

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