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    Issue autocreating and deleting printers in Citrix.


    by irvingf ·

    Hi all,

    I’m a new user to Citrix. I’m not familiar with it at all. Please disregard the lack of knowledge.

    Our issues…

    1. When a user log’s on, Citrix doesn’t allways autocreate their local printers. It’s hit and miss.
    2. When a user log’s out, Citrix doesn’t auto delete the autocreated printers.
    3. If a user’s printer is autocreated, once they click on “Print”, the window where you select your printer never opens.

    These are the steps taken to fix the above…

    1. Go into the windows registry (server 2003) and delete all the autocreated printers for that user/s.
    2. In Quick Start I have to end the user/s session.
    3. Go to windows services and restart the Citrix Print Management Service and sometimes I ave to restart the Print Spooler Service.

    Please someone provide assistance.

    Thank you,

    Irving Flores

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