Issue with Adaptec Storage Manager

By dborjal007 ·
The issue we are currently experiencing with the Adaptec Storage Manager is it will show the physical drives as optimal but the logical drives (using RAID 5 configuration) show as degraded.

Currently server layout:

Chenbro Chassis (41416)
Intel D865PERL mobo with Intel P4 3 GHz Processor.
2 Gigs of RAM
16 x 500 GB Hitachi Deskstar SATA Drive
Adaptec 21610SA RAID Controller
Windows XP Pro sp2.

Does anyone have a suggestion for correcting this issue?


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Well as Adaptec always had excellent Manuals

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Issue with Adaptec Storag ...

Have you tried reading the Supplied Manual?

By the sounds of things the HDD's are A OK but the RAID Array has problems so you'll need to look up the manual to see what is going wrong.


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Best Way to Deal with Issue

by dborjal007 In reply to Issue with Adaptec Storag ...

Given the nature of the problem, I had to do alot of researching. HAL 9000 had a great idea of using the manuals, unfortunately given this was a client site, they did not have the manuals on hand.

After find no answer witn the given the documentation on the web and online help manual, I contacted the vendor (Adaptec). The agent was courteous and friendly when it came to find an answer. He had suggested that we utilize the Adaptec BIOS to find the missing disks.

After conveniencing the client that we need to reboot the server, the problem was solved within minutes.

Thank you to HAL 9000 for some good suggestions.

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OH you didn't mention that this was a Clients Machine

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Best Way to Deal with Iss ...

And you where On Site.

I find that if you accidentally kick out the mains lead this quite often has the desired affect without the need to talk the customer into accepting the obvious.

Actually how long was the system running for on this occasion? It would be a good idea to suggest that they reboot before reaching this stage again as I'm betting that you hit the place at Peek Usage Time and that they couldn't afford to loose any Computing time as every bit was being utilised at the time.

I just love it when I need to pull a mail server I tell everyone and then the moment that I pull I'm flooded with complaints.


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