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    Issue with Deep Learning

    by RoxenJ ·

    I’m having a problem with a deep-learning project I’m working on. I’m trying to implement a convolutional neural network but I’m running into an issue with the code.

    I’m getting an error saying “TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: ‘NoneType’ and ‘int'”. Below is the code I’m having trouble with:
    def convolutional_neural_network(x):
    weights = {‘w_conv1’:tf.Variable(tf.random_normal([5,5,1,32])),
    ‘out’:tf.Variable(tf.random_normal([1024, n_classes]))}

    biases = {‘b_conv1’:tf.Variable(tf.random_normal([32])),

    x = tf.reshape(x, shape=[-1, 28, 28, 1])

    conv1 = tf.nn.relu(conv2d(x, weights[‘w_conv1’]) + biases[‘b_conv1’])
    conv1 = maxpool2d(conv1)

    conv2 = tf.nn.relu(conv2d(conv1, weights[‘w_conv2’]) + biases[‘b_conv2’])
    conv2 = maxpool2d(conv2)

    fc = tf.reshape(conv2,[-1, 7*7*64])
    fc = tf.nn.relu(tf.matmul(fc, weights[‘w_fc’])+biases[‘b_fc’])

    output = tf.matmul(fc, weights[‘out’])+biases[‘out’]

    return output

    I’m not sure what is causing the issue, any help would be greatly appreciated

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