Issue with Exchange 2003 store size limit

By piniron ·
Hi, Successfully installed a new server with windows 2000 server sp4 and exchange 2003 sp2. Private information store reaching 16gb limit after cleaning out white space etc,. I used the registry hack to succesfully increase the store size to 40gb and after restarting stores all seemed ok.

The problem? the physical store size has jumped a from under 20gb to 33gb in a few days, did some maintenance (reduced deleted retention times) and online defrag indicates about 6gb white space. However still seems way to high, I have estimated mailbox sizes through System Manager and guess size should be 18gb. Stm is only about 2gb.

Am I missing something - anyone come across this before. Thanks in advance.

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Issue with Exchange 2003 store size limit

by Thrash Cardiom In reply to Issue with Exchange 2003 ...

Interesting. I have had exactly the same problem occur this week. On Monday I ran on offline defrag and reduced the physical store size to around 3gb. This morning (Friday) the store has now reached its limit and I am running through exactly the same steps I did on Monday.

I have never seen this behaviour either.

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increase store size

by CG IT In reply to Issue with Exchange 2003 ...

install Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2

then follow this MS KB article**2375/en-us

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increase store size

by Thrash Cardiom In reply to increase store size

Yes, I thought about doing this but it won't solve the problem of the ever and fast increasing size of the store itself. It will only alleviate the problem for a while.

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File level antivirus scanning

by Thrash Cardiom In reply to Issue with Exchange 2003 ...

If you are using file level antivirus scanning on your Exchange store, logs and other files then you see exactly this behaviour. However this isn't the cause of my problem as I have those files/directories excluded from the scan process.

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by piniron In reply to File level antivirus scan ...

I reduced the retained deleted mailbox setting to 0 and the retained deleted message from its default (30 days I think), to 3 days - sufficient for our needs.

Checked events 1221 the next day and voila the whitespace now showing a whopping 24GB free, its not uncommon for our users to have numerous word, pdfs attachments etc.

Hope this helps anyone who needs it. Interested to hear if it sorts your problem also.

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My solution

by Thrash Cardiom In reply to Solution

Has not yet been found but we now know the cause is our third party mail archiver so it isn't really an exchange problem at all.

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