issue with file sharing in winxp network

By rgajavelli1 ·
I have 5 desktops connected in lan for sharing files and printers.These pcs and laptops have two isps and two routers for internet access,one isp is wimax broadband and the other is adsl broadband.
Pc1,pc2,pc3,pc4,pc5 and have 5 laptops connecting on wireless.laptops or in workgroup
All PCs are in MSHOME.
I am able to browse PC4,PC5,from any of the PCs but when i access PC1 to PC2 to PC3 one the netwok, i get the error 'Access is denied,you do not have permission to use this network resource, contact the administrator of this server if you have access permissions' i get this error after i have turned of the antivirus firewall(kaspersky 6) and windows firewall and after giving full control permissions for all the unaccessible pcs,i have run the network setup wizard several times to add the systems, but i get the same error.
I very keen on resolving the issue despite making so many attempts

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Microsoft networking

by robo_dev In reply to issue with file sharing i ...

uses SMB protocol, which is a broadcast-based protocol.

There are several issues that affect broadcast-based protocols on the LAN.

First of all, broadcast protocols do not communicate across multiple subnets. So if you have two routers, and two ISPs, you either have two subnets, or you have what is called a 'non-contiguous network' which means that you are trying to put two gatways on the same subnet. This may work for IP, but is a big no-no for SMB protocol.

The other thing that can affect broadcast protocols is that the updates can take time. This can be an issue with WLAN adapters on a battery operated device, if they have gone to sleep when the SMB protocol is updating the browser list, the wireless device will not appear on the network. So you have to either re-start the WLAN device, run 'repair' on it, fiddle with NBTSTAT, or just wait.

Note that many firewall software does not completely shut-down when you turn it off. You need to stop it and reboot the PC, or it will not communicate normally with SMB.

Also, SMB broadcasts often do not go across links of different speeds, so a 100mbs switch connected to a 10mbs switch may have issues with SMB broadcasts getting dropped.

The key to diagnosing, testing, and sometimes fixing SMB connections is the NBTSTAT command in Windows...particularly the NBTSTAT -R command which flushes the local netbios table.

Please clarify your 'two router' topology, as this may be the heart of the problem.

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