issue with import PAD into outlook 2003 and outlook 2007

By s.lok ·
Has a lot of personal distribution list (PDL)in the personal address book (PAD).

When import into outlook 2003/2007, it only import the header of the PDL and did not import any email address under each individual PDL.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Import from what?

by seanferd In reply to issue with import PAD int ...

Earlier version of Outlook?

Or import PAB into Contacts? (As far as I know, this doesn't work very well, and requires a lot of manual operations.)

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PAB to Contacts

by seanferd In reply to Import from what?

I've found this in a couple of places, but it refers to older versions of Office.
Importing a Distribution List from a PAB
Here?s a somewhat tedious method for moving addresses from a Personal Address Book distribution list to your main Contacts folder, at the same time marking them with a category so you can keep them together as a distribution list. You need a copy of your original PAB file, as created in the ?Preparing the PAB? procedure earlier in this chapter.

1. Create a new profile using a fresh, empty Personal Folders file and the copy of the PAB. You don?t need any transports.

2. Open the Address Book to view the PAB.

3. Delete everything in the PAB except the distribution list.

4. Use File, Import and Export to import the PAB into the Contacts folder. Each distribution list member should appear as a separate contact entry.

5. Select all entries in the Contacts folder and assign a category to them.

6. Use File, Exit and Log Off to quit Outlook.

7. Restart Outlook with your usual profile.

8. Use File, Import and Export to import the Contacts folder containing the distribution list contacts into your main Contacts folder.

Because you marked the imported contacts with a category before merging them with your other Contacts, you will be able to filter them and use them as a distribution list using the technique described in ?Managing Contacts Distribution Lists? in Chapter 15.

Alternatively, you can skip steps 7 and 8 above and maintain the distribution list in its own Contacts folder.

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PAB does not contains individual contact entry

by s.lok In reply to PAB to Contacts

This PAB does not contains individual contact's entry; all email address are under the distribution list. Therefore, unable to do as suggested. Any other options?

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PAB not appear in the list for export

by s.lok In reply to Or

When doing export/import, not able to choose this PAB since it is not part of the user's mailbox.

Is there a way to make it be available for export?

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You would need to login under the owners account....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to PAB not appear in the lis ...

The owner of the PAB must be logged in to do the EXPORT. Then log out and log back in under the account you want to do the IMPORT from.

If the PAB is on a different computer, log in under the owner's account and export to either somewhere the file can be accessed by the 2nd computer or to CD/Thumb Drive so you can transport it to the 2nd computer.

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PAB is not available for export

by s.lok In reply to You would need to login u ...

This personal address book does not show up as part of the option available for export.

There is no password needed to access this PAB (personal address book) file.

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