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Issue with Remote Office Connectivity

By heath.mason ·
I have a remote office connecting through a Symantec 5420 VPN to a Symantec Raptor firewall. It was working fine for about a month and then just went crazy. The remote users can no longer access our Exchange server via the VPN and connections to our primary DC/file server won't go. We have worked with Symantec and they came back saying that nothing appeared wrong in the VPN tunnel traffic. I have run Ethereal on the remote workstation and have not seen any errors that have caught my attention. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Is there anyone out there who can take a look at the Ethereal output to see if I missed something? Any help is appreciated.

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by jtakiwi In reply to Issue with Remote Office ...

Sounds like the access list in the raptor firewall is screwed up. Did something change in the local network? If you change an ip on the lan, but not in the firewall, well, you get the picture.

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Broad band soltion

by kapoor.dheeraj In reply to Issue with Remote Office ...

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