issue with site to site vpn. cisco 1841-1841

By jason.helm ·
Heres my situation. I have my main office and a branch office i am trying to set up site to site vpn for. Host site has cable internet coming into fa0/1 on cisco 1841 router and branch has a t1 coming into s0/0/0 on another cisco 1841 router. Connections work fine at either location. set up the site to site vpn this morning and all seemed to go smoothly, connection came right up and all the SDM automatic tests passed fine. Here is the issue:
From main office, i can ping or telnet to the branch office's INTERNAL network address with no problem. From the branch router i can only ping to the EXTERNAL address of the main office router. example:
main external of
main internal on 192.168.2.x
branch external of
branch internal on 192.168.3.x

From ( my workstation), i can telnet to the branch router via EITHER, OR and get solid connection.
while connected to Branch router, if i try and ping back to the main office router or any workstation on that internal network, i get 0 responses. I can ping the main external address but thats it.

Now I am assuming that this is an access list issue at the main office....any other suggestions? I am willing to post the config if necc or email it. Just getting frustrated that i cannot get this to function.

Thanks in advance for all your assistance.

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by Todd Bennett In reply to issue with site to site v ...

My best guess is to make sure you exclude your VPN traffic from your NAT statement.

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by jason.helm In reply to No NAT

thanks for the info

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Correct me if I'm wrong but your running point to point

by CG IT In reply to issue with site to site v ...

VPN where you have 2 tunnels, each of which the end point is the HQ router.

You have no trouble with passing data through each of the point to point tunnels, but you can't pass data between the 2 different VPN connections?

So the issue is the HQ router needs to send packets from one site via a VPN tunnel through to another site via a VPN tunnel...

something like frame relay?

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by jason.helm In reply to Correct me if I'm wrong b ...

yes that is basically the situation. We have no frame relay connections in this setup.

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